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Samba AD management from Windows


To manage Samba4 AD form Windows you need to install Windows Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT). Before you begin, make sure that the domain administrators have administrative rights to control your computer. (To give any user administrative rights in Windows XP Pro, right click My Computer, select Manage→ choose Groups→ double click Administrators and add members from domain into the member list. When you add members from Active Directory, it will prompt you to enter an Active Directory username and password).

Installing Windows Remote Administration Tools onto Windows

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1

  1. Download the Windows Server Remote Administration Tools from:
  2. Follow the “Install RSAT” instructions.
    • Note: After installing, you have to enable the features in “Turn Windows features on or off” in “Programs” of the Control Panel!).

The above tools can be download from UCLV Softlib Repository

Windows XP Professional

Administration Tools Pack & Support Tools

  1. Download adminpak and supporttools from:
  2. Run through the installation.
  3. Press start→run, type 'dsa.msc', if a window 'active directory users and computers' prompt up, it mean you had install adminpak it successfully. You can also find this at Start>Programs>Administrative Tools, which should have a lot more items now.
  4. Go to c:\Program Files\Support Tools to check whether the support tools were installed correctly; if yes, then your XP workstation is ready to manage the Samba 4 Active Directory.

Group Policy Management Console

  1. You may also find the Group Policy Management Console useful. You can download it from:

This is primarily useful when you have larger installs and are managing many machines. You may need to download the .NET Framework first.

Managing a Domain

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