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 ^  Debian ​  ||^ ^  Debian ​  ||^
-jessie ​+jessie ​8.10
 <file list repos-sources.list>​ <file list repos-sources.list>​
 deb http://​​debian jessie main non-free contrib deb http://​​debian jessie main non-free contrib
 deb http://​​debian jessie-updates main non-free contrib deb http://​​debian jessie-updates main non-free contrib
 deb http://​​debian-security jessie/​updates main non-free contrib deb http://​​debian-security jessie/​updates main non-free contrib
 #Opcionales #Opcionales
 #deb http://​​debian jessie-proposed-updates main non-free contrib #deb http://​​debian jessie-proposed-updates main non-free contrib
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 <file list repos-sources.list>​ <file list repos-sources.list>​
-deb http://​​debian ​squeeze main non-free contrib +deb http://​​debian ​sid main non-free contrib
-deb http://​​debian squeeze-updates main non-free contrib +
-deb http://​​debian squeeze-proposed-updates main non-free contrib +
-deb http://​​debian-security squeeze/​updates ​main non-free contrib+
 </​file>​ </​file>​
-wheezy+stretch 9.4 
 +<file list repos-sources.list>​ 
 +deb http://​​debian stretch main non-free contrib 
 +deb http://​​debian stretch-updates main non-free contrib 
 +deb http://​​debian-security stretch/​updates main non-free contrib 
 +deb http://​​debian stretch-proposed-updates main non-free contrib 
 +deb http://​​debian stretch-backports main non-free contrib 
 +wheezy ​7.11
 <file list repos-sources.list>​ <file list repos-sources.list>​
 deb http://​​debian wheezy main non-free contrib deb http://​​debian wheezy main non-free contrib
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