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libde265 is an open source implementation of the h.265 video codec. It is written from scratch and has a plain C API to enable a simple integration into other software.

libde265 supports WPP and tile-based multithreading and includes SSE optimizations. The decoder includes all features of the Main profile and correctly decodes almost all conformance streams.

libde265 is released under the LGPL, further information are available at

This PPA contains Ubuntu packages of the libde265 library, plugins for the GStreamer framework, VLC and required dependencies.

The GStreamer plugin source is available at

The VLC plugin source is available at

You can get sample Matroska streams from

deb trusty main

Para instalar los codecs:

sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-libde265 gstreamer1.0-libde265
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